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Top 3 skills you will achieve:

  • Knowledge in Australian workplace cultures
  • Understanding on what cultural diversity really means
  • Information and strategies in building relationships with people from a different background to you

Cultural diversity in Australian workplaces

This workshop will provide you with the skills and knowledge to identify and build positive workplace relationships with people from diverse cultural backgrounds in the context of your workplace.

Course Overview

Course Code:DIS008 
Careers:Support Worker  
How:Short course, Fee for service, Work based 

International study available:No 
Online study available: 
Uni pathway available:No 
Day and Time:

half day

Commences:Please contact us for dates for the next workshop.  

Further information:Email or phone 9202 0410 to enquire about this course. 

About the course

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This workshop is related to the unit of competence: HLTHIR403B - Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers.   You can choose one of two pathways.  Firstly you can attend the workshop, take the information and skills learned and put them into practice in your workplace. 

Alternatively, if you choose to be formally assessed, and if successful, you gain a unit of competence from a nationally accredited Training Package.  The assessment takes place in and post workshop, through assessment, third party reports from a supervisor/line manager and/or a portfolio of evidence.

Upon receipt of your assessment evidence a lecturer will be appointed to undertake assessment and will contact you regarding the outcome.  The assessment incurs an additional fee of $90.

Skills you will gain from this course

The skills you will gain form this workshop are:

  • Knowledge in Australian workplace cultures
  • Information on what cultural diversity really means
  • Information and strategies in building relationships with people from a different background to you
  • Knowledge in skills needed to  engage in effective cross cultural communication
  • Reflection on own attitudes towards cultural diversity

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